What customers (and clients) expect

What do customers, clients and people in general expect?
Well, more than just high quality, low prices and excellent service:
– They expect satisfaction, not frustration.
– Benefits, not features
– Confidence, not confusion.
– Control, not compliance.
– Aesthetics, not art.
– A job done, not a piece of gear that takes up lots of space.
– Products to work quickly, with few delays.
– Simplicity, not complexity.
– Brevity, not verbiage.
– A relationship with the brands they pay, not “thanks-for-the-money-bye”.
– Accountability, not distrust.
– Attention, not disregard.
– Authenticity, not falseness.
– Choices, not off-the-shelf offerings.
– Convenience, not restriction.
– Availability (of the product, salespeople and support).
– Good prices, not promises and promotions
– Information on how products will serve them, how to use them, and whether products can harm them in any way.
– Value, not hype.
– Predictability & uniformity, not dissimilarity.
– Above all else, they expect respectful treatment, not disregard.

What have I left out?

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