What I offer

1. Product Launch Marketing

Bad marketing kills great products. Without supreme understanding of the market and its varied participants, you risk joining the ranks of companies that spend years developing superior products, just to let them go down the drain because of wishy-washy marketing. Let’s ensure your product or brand launch is an absolute success.

2. Consumer Intelligence

With an unparalleled understanding of consumer psychology and behavior patterns, you can grow your company’s market-share and obtain life-long customers. Uncover their unique preferences, needs and motivations by tapping into the power of advanced qualitative & quantitative methods, and turn your marketing into a revenue powerhouse.

3. Competitive Intelligence

Maximize your market share by uncovering the factors & principles that power your top competitors’ growth. Get a fresh, detailed map of your rivals’ techniques, tactics, technologies and strategies, and the hidden pathways to turn the balance of power.

4. Search Engine Optimization

I’ve helped numerous brands and websites reach the top 1-3 results on Google for extremely competitive results. Let’s get you leading your category, too.

5. Web Analytics and Actionable Insights

My job is to help my clients sharpen their marketing, build better products, and accelerate their business’ growth.I sell trusted advice that is high quality, high yield, low cost. This means clarity, guidance and fail-safe step-by-step instructions that transform companies like yours into innovative category leaders.