SEO is Not a Strategy

There’s no such thing as an SEO strategy. There are marketing strategies that include SEO, and there are many ways to do SEO, but “SEO Strategy” is not a thing. SEO’s part of your marketing. It’s a set of tactical options at your disposal that serve one purpose (to increase your qualified traffic from organic search). The advantage of not forcing strategy on SEO, is that you can do:

  1. What works for you;
  2. What works for you right presently.

Because things change, and when they do – they change fast.

SEO is not magic dust that you sprinkle on top of your website and go. It is for you to rapidly test ideas out, and use what works for you. Deciding on a “strategy” for SEO is a decision to limit your options, stick with one structure, and commit to marrying it, whether it works later on or not.

Committing to one set of tactics no matter what with full confidence (because it’s the chosen strategy), robs you from being able to stop, rethink, plan ahead and execute a better way when you need one. Handcuffing yourself to your brilliant strategy is how you run aground. So if you’re thinking about “SEO strategy,” stop. Just start doing SEO and see what works for you.